On the first night of the Asia-Pacific Regional Meeting, the Philippine Women Judges Association paid a surprise special tribute to retiring IAWJ Executive Director, Joan D. Winship. With the help of IAWJ staff in Washington, the PWJA produced a collage video presentation of Joan’s IAWJ work around the world during the 13 years of her tenure as executive director. IAWJ and PWJA President Hon. Teresita Leonardo-De Castro provided comments and narration throughout the video. Not only did they present her with flowers and an original drawing of her when she visited the Philippines some years ago, but they also had a professional singer sing to her as she sat on center stage by herself. On the video at the end, the entire PWJA leadership bade Joan thanks and farewell to her great appreciation.
At its annual meeting held in Newfoundland in March, the Canadian Chapter of the IAWJ also recognized and paid tribute to Joan for her leadership of the IAWJ. IAWJ Board of Directors member, Hon. Petra Newton, gave a very warm speech describing some of Joan’s work and presented her with a gift reflective of Newfoundland. In her comments, Justice Newton stated: “When Joan Winship announced her retirement, I was privy to the barrage of emails poignantly describing the affection, respect and gratitude for her substantial contribution to the development, vision and execution of the mandate of the organization we all hold so dear. …What better tribute than that of your peers and colleagues.”

At the close of the Board of Directors meeting held in Tagatay City, the IAWJ Board of Directors recognized Joan and her leadership. Vice President Marianne de Rooij and President de Castro presented her with a lovely gift of Delftware from the Netherlands which they thought appropriate because of Joan’s long association with international justice in The Hague.