Sneak Preview of our Programme
Session B1: Constitutionalism and the Rule of Law – Obstacles to African Development
Session B2: Ruggie – the UN Guiding Principles and the Modern Law of Employment
Session B3: Latimer House Principles – Two Decades On
Session B4: Sexual Harassment and the #Metoo Revolution
Session B5: R (Miller and Santos) v Secretary of State – Lessons in Constitutionalism
Session B6: Child Brides, Arranged Marriages & «Legal» Exploitation of Women
Session B7: Democracy Politics and the Law – the Judiciary as the Last Line of Defence
Session B8: Criminalisation of Homosexuality v the Legalisation of Gay Marriage
Session B9: Religious Freedom v Minority Rights
Session B10: Emergency Powers in Emerging Democracies
Session B11: The Global Environment in Jeopardy
Session B12: Defending the Human Rights Defenders – Resilience Building
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