Dear members of IAWJ Boards and Staff:

Great News re: Judge Anisa Rasooli of Kabul. She has just been nominated by President Ashraf Ghani to be the first woman to serve on the Supreme Court of Afghanistan! Judge Anisa was in the very first group of Afghan women judges to participate in the IAWJ’s Judicial Education Program for Afghan women judges in 2004. She has served as the president of the AWJA for some years, helped direct one of the original High School programs that the IAWJ /AWJA conducted, and has been our strategic partner in helping reorganize and lead the AWJA through the years of suspension and reorganization. She has attended several of the IAWJ international biennial conferences. We will put more information in our news section about her background. But I want to share this good news with you as this is a true first for Afghanistan and especially for the women of that country.

I have already written and heard back from her. Of course, this is a dream for her and for the women judges in Afghanistan. She must be approved by Parliament and she will be in the midst of that process. The Afghan Ulemas Council has already met with President Ashraf Ghani to oppose the nomination, but Ghani made this part of his presidential campaign last fall. Hopefully she will be approved. She is the best candidate I can think of who is highly respected by so very many; her courage and quiet leadership has been important for the women judges of Afghanistan.

I know that she credits our partnership and the support of the IAWJ over the years to help make this happen for her. So it is really good news for us all!

Joan D. Winship
Executive Director