Jane Charles-VoltaireWe are happy to announce that Ms. Jane Charles-Voltaire has joined the IAWJ staff in Washington, DC as the Program Officer for two new projects in the Caribbean : an anti-trafficking project in Haiti and a project on judicial response to gender-based violence in the Dominican Republic. Jane will be working in partnership with the Haitian Association of Women Judges to provide training on the new Trafficking in Persons Law of 2014, encourage coordination among stakeholders, and support women judges in providing leadership to combat trafficking in Haiti. In the Dominican Republic, IAWJ will work with the Judicial Training School and the Supreme Court, among other actors. A Haitian-American lawyer, who has dedicated her work and education to advancing human rights, gender equality, community development, and environmental sustainability, Jane worked for four years as local counsel with a Haitian law firm and for the United States Development Aid Agency in Haiti (USAID). In addition, Jane has extensive on-the-ground experience with the non-profit sector in Haiti; she worked for two years with Viva Rio, an innovative Brazilian non-profit organization based in Port-au-Prince, implementing projects in the health, community security, education and environment sectors.