Una argentina integra el Tribunal Internacional de Derecho del Mar. Es la Dra Ella Kelly, única mujer .


La argentina Elsa Kelly es la única jueza integrante del Tribunal Internacional del Mar con sede en Hamburgo y nos honró con su presencia en el almuerzo de fin de año.


Member of the Tribunal since 1 October 2011

Born: Buenos Aires, Argentina, 28 February 1939.

Education: Lawyer, School of Law and Social Sciences, University of Buenos Aires (1960); post-graduate studies in jurisprudence, University of Buenos Aires (1968–1969); Fellow (scholarship), Center for International Affairs, Harvard University (1977–1978).

Academic Activities Professor of International Law, Foreign Service Institute, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (1967–1970, 2009–present); University of Buenos Aires, School of Law and Social Sciences: Professor of Philosophy and History of Philosophical Ideas (Assistant, 1970–1973), Full Professor of Public International Law (1984).

Professional Experience: Ministry for Foreign Affairs: Legal Advisor’s Office (1962–1973, 1976–1977, 1979, Member and Deputy Head of Delegation, Third United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea), Legal Advisor (1980–1981), Secretary of State for International Relations (1983–1985); Ambassador to UNESCO and Member of the Executive Council (1985–1989); Vice-Chairperson, Executive Board, UNESCO (1986–1988); Director-General of Cultural Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (1990–1992); Director-General for International Environmental Affairs, Ministry for Foreign Affairs (1996–2000); Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Argentina to Italy (2000–2003); Ambassador of Argentina to Austria and Permanent Representative of Argentina to the UN Office in Vienna, to the International Atomic Energy Agency and Member of its Board of Government (2003–2006); Director of International Security and Nuclear and Spatial Affairs (2006–2009); appointed as arbitrator by Argentina in the “ARA Libertad” Case (Argentina v. Ghana) (2012).

Member: Inter-American Commission of Human Rights (Organization of American States, 1985–1989); Deputy Chamber of the Argentine National Congress (1992–1995); Constituent Convention for the Drafting of the Constitution of the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires (1996); Argentine Council for International Relations (CARI); Foundation for the New Human Rights (Fundación Nuevos Derechos del Hombre).

Publications: Author of many articles, monographs and papers on public international law, law of the sea, nuclear non-proliferation and other related issues.

Distinctions: Decorations from Mexico, Ecuador and France (Palmes Académiques).